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Upstairs, and off the first landing are the five Diest Haus bedrooms and two bathrooms. Choose a room that speaks to you—where you can spread out and have your own personal space to relax.

An antique bed richly fills the largest of the bedrooms—making you truly feel like the master of this house.

Master Bedroom (click for larger image)

Master Bedroom

One of five bedrooms (click for larger image)

Sunlight bounces through this charming room where you'll feel like you stepped back in time to a more decadent era.

One of five bedrooms (click for larger image)

Crisp white sheets and beautiful wood floors make this simply decorated room a place where it's easy to unwind.

You'll feel completely at home as you turn down the comforter, switch off the light and get ready for a long, restful night's sleep.

One of five bedrooms (click for larger image)
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